Snowy is a Windows desktop app to copy images from FlashAir by a wireless connection. You can copy images in bulk or select from thumbnails one by one. Also you can make this app check new images automatically at a regular interval.


About Figures

  • TAIL-SLAP : 月読鎖々美 いなばのしろうさぎ Ver
  • はこむす : 僕の前に人は居ない僕の後ろに君は居る (常月まとい)
  • 林檎連盟 : 初音ミク サマーメモリー
  • ReplyFrom : トラコッティと虎神さま
  • 柳生敏之 : 初音ミク


Tested on Windows 10 64bit with SD-WB008G, SD-WC016G (W-02), SD-WE016G (W-03) and SD-UWA032G (W-04).



Ver 1.6.0 2020-1-13


No installation is required.

Settings file will be saved in the following folder.
[system drive]\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\SnowyImageCopy\


  1. Before using this app, a wireless connection to FlashAir must be established. In addition, other network connections (regardless of wireless or wired) must be disabled temporarily because by default (Access Point mode), FlashAir needs to become virtually the sole access point. To use other network connections simultaneously, FlashAir has to be switched to Station mode or Internet Pass-Thru mode.
  2. The thumbnail of an image not copied to PC yet is shown only for image of JPEG format.
  3. A RAW image can be copied as well. After copied to PC, if its image format is supported by Microsoft Camera Codec Pack, it will be shown in the thumbnail and in current image.
  4. If you habitually delete images in FlashAir after copied to PC, it will be safer not to use "Move to Recycle if image in FlashAir is deleted" function.
  5. A color profile of monitor will be reflected to current image only.
  6. When "Not select once copied image on check" is on, the maximum number of images to be recorded as copied will be shown in the textbox. You can change this number by clicking the texbox in the range of 10,000 to 100,000.

About Feather

Feather comes from FlashAir's unofficial mascot character, Hirameki Sora.


  • MIT License